Thursday, 23 March 2017

Thoughts of Chairman Poo

Left wing, right wing you can stuff the lot, have a cup of tea and put a record on.


This is me, wrecking a cross ply for shits and gigs. There's a purity to this, a don't give a fuck two fingers to the law and the law won billy big bollox arrogance that time and age has dulled but not diminished. The bikes a Z1300, a big and stupid thing that only really impressed stupid people, I was impressed. It was my daily rider, I went to work on it, went down the pub (the only one that served us pub) and went down on the ice on it. The tyre was wankered after this and I didn't have the money to buy another one so I rode it burnt and bald till pay day. If you see me buy me a cup of tea and I'll tell you lies about how good it was back in the hey day, how we couldn't get served in pubs and how bike shops hated us. I hate bike shops now and pubs will let me have the virginity of their first born as long as I buy a meal and a pint to keep the wolf from the door. It wasn't better then and it's not better now, it's all the same old bollox only now we're the fatted calf for the slaughter bring your daughter there's plenty to go around. Fat bikers cheques don't bounce.

Knock off

I robbed this off of someone who robbed it from someone else to make their page/blog look cool. I don't care about looking cool I'm a broken crank caller with no shame, I just think it looks cool in its own right, it's just epic paint. Probably belongs to weirdy beardy hipster, single estate latte drinker who had a friend do it as a part of their art degree, but I'm just a lite and bitter twisted old bugger so I wouldn't listen to me.

Monday, 13 March 2017


Well as of St Patrick's day this week I am officially of no fixed abode. My house sale will complete at 1pm. I've got bikes stashed all over the place along with over thirty years of tools and equipment while I look for a cheap to rent workshop and I'm sleeping on my narrow boat. My parents always knew I'd end up like this living outside of society. Hey ho let's go. The possibilities are endless and the thread of life has a few less knots in it now.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

On the road

Totally rung out, I came back from three days on the road working in Scotland. Long drive, working so no bike, heavy day doing service and repairs on a couple of machines, two over nights in the usual no frills, no sleep hotel motel. Weather to die in. Living on sandwiches and supermarket meal deals, the deal is take it or leave it. Bad roads, bad attitude. Kamikaze run back, no stop till home or game over. Sliding down the snake back to square one, never passing go. Engine stop and the silence is loud. Clamber out and try to stand on legs that don't. It's raining for a change. Want food and sleep, get chores and more snacky tacky. 'Phone calls, emails, domestic and routine essentials, basic. Finally sitting numb and numb-er zombie. no sleep till morning.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pink slip

And now in glorious pink I give you a middle aged man's fool attempt to get on track! I've been nagged and cajoled by my friends who are into track days to buy a sports bike and go and tear up the tarmac. I liked these YZFs when they first came out but never bought one as I'm not much of a sports bike rider but when this one came up at the same time as me looking for a suitable track bike, well it was a no brainer to be honest. It rides well and is pretty nimble even with my fat arse in the saddle. I need to get the carburation sorted out and then give it a run out on the road to make sure nothing pops or falls off. With this and the KX in the garage it's looking both interesting and colourful in there. Summer could be a blast this year.