Sunday, 16 July 2017

Track marks

Back on track or at least riding on one again. I did the Friday evening session at Rockingham last week. The usual suspects tearing it up while I keep station at the back, back marker, marking time. Slow out fast in to trouble, the sighting laps were three slow train coming to an abrupt end as the green flag spelled danger. I was tipping into the first corner, harassed and harried by the fast boys getting on it when it's all over, some poor soul binned it into the back section, red waving and into the paddock. That was pretty much the colour of the evening, out and in, in and out as rider after rider decided to spoil their weekend with an earth, sky, black and blue boogie. I sat the last session out with a goosed chain, that big V twin beats up the transmission and two track days on last gasp chain and sprockets has done for it. Given the way the evening had gone I was no way going to throw a chain and take another rider out or catch it in the engine and join the party in the first aid post. Mark's ZX6's rear tyre shagged out so we sat on the wall watching Tony destroying his rear tyre and fireblades in equal measure. He's so quick it's frightening a seven hundred quid CB500 really shouldn't be taking scalps and giving lessons but there it is making grown men cry and think about taking up golf. Another red in the fast group and it's all done for the evening. Still a great time, time spent with your mates riding bikes is as good as it gets roll on the next one.

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